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Mr Strefford

Mr Strefford



Home schooling

Dear Parents, carers and Year 6 children,

I hope that you are keeping safe and well. As you may well know from the news we are still not able to fully open the school and have to continue to support your learning at home. We know that it is much more challenging to learn at home and therefore I would suggest that for some of you it might help to divide the day up into 3 sessions:

9.00 -10.00  maths activities or Big Question

11.00 -12.30 English activitiessuch as extended writing tasks or CGP books

1.30-2.30 Topic activities (French, Science projects, sports, music, art etc)

Remember that fresh air and exercise are equally as important, so add these activities into your daily routine also.It's been great to see so many children emailing me their work. If you haven't already send your completed work to the email address below and I can give you some feedback.

Download the latest tasks - Tasks 8th June 

Keep safe!

If you have any questions regarding year 6 or the work that has been set please email me at

Kind regards,

Mr. A. Strefford

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