Philosophy for Children (P4C) and Global Learning.


As a whole school, we are developing our practice of P4C, by looking at how building our thinking skills in the classroom, can help children to understand the wider world around them. These 'Global Skills' help children to see the world from different points of view, and to think critically about their own environment and global issues.  The P4C approach focuses on 4 different kinds of thinking; the 4C's of P4C are Creative, Critical, Collaborative and Caring thinking. 

We are using a range of different stimuli to help children to develop these thinking skills; each session begins with a game to encourage good listening and build  a community where children help each other to learn. A stimulus such as a story, poem, song, piece of artwork or an object is then shown to the children. The children  then have the opportunity to work in small groups and think of their own question that they would like to explore further. 

In the Autumn term, we began our P4C theme of 'Caring.' with a visit form a fantastic theatre company, who entertained  us with a range of stories about friendship from all around the world. We then looked at the stories

' Something Else.' and 'The Name Jar.' ( a superb story about naming traditions in Korea.)

This half term, our theme is 'Imagination and Creative Thinking.' To launch this theme, we have a very special object that each class is looking at... THE HAPPINESS HELMET.

This amazing invention will make you happy every time you wear it. Even if you are in the worst of moods, or feeling down in the dumps, as soon as you put the Happiness Helmet on, you will instantly feel happy. (the Year 6 children have already tried it on, and confirmed that it really does work.)

So, the  big question is... 'If you could, would you wear the Happiness Helmet every day?'

Each class will take turns to try the helmet on, and discuss our big question. We are looking forward to creating a gallery in school of lots of happy faces!

And just to let you know.... we have some very impressive 'Philosophers'  in school already. 

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